Web and Application Motion Graphics

Web and Application Motion Graphics

With the increase in web and mobile applications, it would be prudent to invest in motion graphics to elevate the consumer experience, with the field of web design being particularly receptive to the developments in motion graphics.

The websites allow short videos, GIFs and visual cues to provide users with all the information they need, rather than a wall of text. Apart from providing an aesthetic balance to the entire page, users can browse through products and pages at a much more leisurely pace. 

Well, integrating motion graphics into web design has potentially endless applications, but here are a few common ways in which web designers can take advantage of motion graphics;

Animated Storytelling

Many companies may choose to adopt animated storytelling methods to explain what their brand does, and what they stand for. Infographics, animated shorts, ads, promotional content and social media ads are all excellent applications of motion graphics in web design.

Product Shorts

Product shorts typically occupy a bold, striking and central presence on any product-based web page. As a result, the designer should aim to emphasize the product short, as it allows them to tell a story/explain a product in a way in which the user remains engaged.

Promotional Content

Like shorts, promotional content may be the central attraction of a page or be used to supplement other elements of a web page. Regardless, they involve motion graphics to help catch the user’s eye, and if placed correctly, can make a world of difference in achieving the website’s goals.

Emphasize Brand Presence

This kind of website animation helps you draw the user’s attention to specific content or some particular areas in a user interface design. It’s very helpful when you need to emphasize important information in a text copy on a web page, encourage the user to take certain actions (for example, using an animated call-to-action phrase or button), or motivate the user to stay on a website and continue an online journey with your brand. 

Display User Interactions

It shows that a UI element changes its shape, and colour, or generates a sound when users hover over it. It is mostly recommended to use this technique to make your website design even more interactive, interesting, and eye-catching. Moreover, it helps provide softer and visually more pleasant transitions.

So, display your business via carefully curated animations or draw attention to your brand dynamics, via the best motion graphics.

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