user experience & design

Having a fresh perspective, we look for spots where customer experience innovation hasn’t happed already. Our motivation is always solving complex design problem by blending both experience and design thinking principles. We fuse both computational design and brand & experience that makes your brand outperform competitors.


UX/UI design

Researching and designing user interface and experience for mobile app and web app

computational design

Design activities involving processors, sensors, memories, actuators, data and networks.

brand & experience design

Brand experience is how the user feels when engaging or interacting with a brand

why us

Furious Fox is highly competent in each aspect of the technology product development process and strategy. Here are the reasons to choose us.

multidisciplinary team

Bringing together strategy, product, creativity, experience and technology

proven process

Proven processes that improve agility, mitigate risk and lower costs

comprehensive assessment

Assess concept and solutions ideas to confirm architecture and technology choices


With a start-up mindset, we add innovation to solutions that increase business potential