Online shopping is getting increasingly popular. From clothes, electronics, home care, groceries…there is literally nothing you cannot get from the comfort of your home. The global pandemic has also acted as a catalyst to more and more people relying on online shopping methods.

With the ever-evolving customer base and increased expectations, developers must incorporate the latest and innovative features in their apps to stay on the top.

The main goal of any shopping app should be the convenience and safety of the user.

Some latest features gaining prominence in the shopping app realm are:

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has touched upon various aspects of our life. So surely it should also be incorporated into how we shop. Instead of relying on catalogs and sheer imagination, Augmented reality provides a realistic image of the product to the customers.

AR incorporated shopping apps will also let the customer try on the products virtually and hence reducing trial and error and ultimately boosting sales.

This feature is increasingly popular in fashion and makeup shopping apps.

360 degrees product view

The 360-degree product view feature lets the customer get a clear idea about the size and material of the product. Customers of today demand and expect higher standards for the products they spent money on.

Consumer behavior has changed in a way that they require a complete picture of the product they are purchasing. This feature also provides a premium experience to the customers.


Visual Search

The visual search option in shopping apps makes use of Artificial intelligence to analyze uploaded images by the customers and shows matching products. This feature is extremely convenient for the customers.

Our fast-paced world has turned increasingly visual and the customer base also reflects this trend. The visual search option lets the customer find the exact or similar products that they saw in a picture.


The customer of today is increasingly demanding and they want their queries addressed right away. Accessibility is a key factor that makes or breaks a brand. Chatbots provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers by giving instant personalized responses.

Chatbots are a form of Artificial Intelligence, that collects data, tracks behavior, and provides answers to any queries the customer might have.

Personalized Recommendation

Tapping into the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, more and more shopping apps have the feature of providing personalized recommendations to suit customer preferences. This feature allows AI to trach customer behavior, past purchases, and search patterns to anticipate the needs of the customer.

This feature provides a premium experience to the users and helps your business with targeted marketing.


With new technologies evolving by the day, businesses should tap into them to stay on top of the competition. Customers will naturally gravitate towards apps that provide a hassle-free shopping experience and convenience. A kickass shopping app with the latest features in technology is a sure-shot way for your business to flourish.

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