Venture Into Motion Graphics: Tools of the Trade

Venture Into Motion Graphics: Tools of the Trade

Users can make their apps or websites bright and exciting with informative or entertaining videos and all types of animated graphics: animated characters, symbols, infographics and effects.

Custom animated video production is a time taking task. It is a process of several steps that have to be done before you get custom explainer videos done.

Therefore, the brands opt for tools to help them with pre-ready templates and transitions based on the expertise of animators to produce content at scale.

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is the first tool when talking about professional Motion Graphics Software. The brand has created several tools for creating animations and videos. But when it comes to motion graphics workflow, Adobe Animate takes care of it. The software is perfect for designing vector images and 2D motion graphics. 

The software has built-in motion graphics templates that you can customise. Adobe Animate allows you to add effects to your product video, animate vector graphics, and create interactive content for your brand. Easy to export animations to multiple platforms. Audio Syncing to add sounds to your animations. Simple and easy-to-use interface, Creates cross-platform, High-quality animations, and supports vector-based drawing. 


Maya is an Academy Award-winning 3D animation, motion graphics, and VFX-based Video Editing software.  

The essential graphics panel in the software allows you to create high-quality visuals, Life-like Characters, and customisable real-life backgrounds and lighting. The software is a hit in the video game industry and can work on every operating software, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Received Bifrost liquid creation feature to create photorealistic movie simulations. Enhanced viewport 2.0 and DX11Shader rendering engine. Good node-based workflow for procedural creation, Efficient motion capture handling.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D can suit the needs of both professional and novice designers. It supports 3D rendering, simulation, animation, texturing, and lighting. Polygon reduction to preserve smooth UVs, vertex maps, and lightweight meshes. Supports adjusting and randomising scale, rotation, and object. Allows creating looping animations—a wide range of features, tools, and datasets.

Blackmagic Design Fusion

Blackmagic Design Fusion is built with professional designers in mind. This software for motion design can handle complex and versatile animated graphics, VFX, and motion graphics sequences. Noise reduction and sharpening tools. Animation curve modifiers that let you automatically retime animations. Customisable vector shape tools. Powerful enough to handle complex sequences


The software is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Perform renders with production path tracers—robust simulation libraries for sculpting, retopology, and modelling. Blender has a highly intuitive interface. Supports integration with multiple pipeline tools. Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

DaVinci Resolve

Through this tool, users can add effects to the foreground/background, map FX to grade, generate 3D matte, use fast noise, depth map generation, surface tracking, and dispelling plugins while tracking the movement of textured surfaces.

Additionally, the designers can collaborate with their team easily using cloud-based workflows. It is possible to host project libraries and create/manage proxies using Blackmagic Cloud. The tool’s new features include improved subtitling for editors, 3D depth maps, ultra beauty graphics, Fairylight, FlexBus conversions, etc. It has an incredible range of secondary and primary colour grading features, including advanced HDR grading, tracking, qualifiers, and Power Windows. In addition, the designers can leverage keying and rotoscope tools to create stunning animated titles, photorealistic composites, and 3D particle systems.


Make stunning motion graphics using several features in Biteable to create scroll-stopping content. Biteable motion graphics are great for businesses developing reels for views or engaging with them. If you aim to develop professional-level content, Biteable can be a great start, packed with branding elements ad customisable templates. The intuitive motion graphics creator comes with jingles, videos, photos, and animations to craft videos. One can tell a captivating story, tap into audience emotions, and leverage video marketing using this tool.

Synfig Studio

If you are looking for a cross-platform tool that supports Linux, Windows, and OSX, Synfig Studio is the one. It is an open-source 2D animation software that helps create animation frame-by-frame with fewer resources and people. Furthermore, one can produce high-quality 2D animation with Synfig Studio with binary builds.

It has advanced controls, bones, 50+ layers, vector tweeting, and filters. The full-featured system offers expressions for developed characters, control vector artwork, and layer types such as distortions, filters, gradients, geometric, fractals, and transformations. Users can quickly transform vector shapes into motion graphics while calculating frames and setting key positions.


Natron is open-source and cross-platform compositing software that can handle any requirement and file format to offer top-notch designs. It is a functional and intuitive tool with features like 2D tracking, roto paint/roto, keying, etc.

The motion graphics software has powerful features like robust keying, a Planar tracker, matte generation, shapes, mattes, masks, and reduced hours of rotoscoping. In addition, it is packed with powerful 2D trackers, multi-layered rotoscoping, dope-sheet editor, and network rendering. Natron allows designers to design organising nodes with some innovative technologies that one can share across studios, artists, developers, and the community. It consists of a plugin repository to make a difference.

The right software choice depends on the timeline, budget, animator expertise, and scalability requirements. To choose the best software for you, you must take care of the machine’s hardware resources, knowledge of an animator, type of video and its scalability, freedom of customisation required, and content creation timelines.

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