have an app or technology idea?

wondering where to begin?

from an idea on a napkin to launch.

Do you have an app or technology idea but are not sure how to launch it? Furious Fox specialises in technology product launches for startups. From an idea on a napkin to launching and maintaining, we have you covered. Our technology startup program offers a set of independent services that will help you convert your idea into a reality.

idea discussion

Listen to your idea and basic validation if there is an opportunity in the market. This will also include the technical feasibility discussion of your idea.


The functionality of the idea is defined and documented. This includes specification of minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype.

funding Advice

Depending on the specification document a ball park figure of the cost involved can be estimated and advice on how to secure the funding if required.


We offer MVP or prototype design. This includes user experience research and design the product for easy usability.


Build the product from ground up with clean coding and scalable architecture. Rigorous testing are carried out to ensure stability of the app.

market strategy

A pre launch demand should be build up for the potential users to launch your product/service. Marketing campaigns should be carried out to onboard users.

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our expertise

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multidisciplinary team

Bringing together strategy, product, creativity, experience and technology


With a start-up mindset, we add innovation to solutions that increase business potential

proven process

Proven processes that improve agility, mitigate risk and lower costs

comprehensive assessment

Assess concept and solutions ideas to confirm architecture and technology choices