Case Study

Snapshot Staffing

Snapshot Staffing saw a gap in the market to offer a new kind of model staffing and entertainment experience for events. Snapshot set out to provide beautiful, charming and hard-working staff to its clients.

From xmas party entertainment to talent for a wedding, we can work to any brief.
With a range of client including world-leading brands and HNW clients, Snapshot Staffing has proven to be a tour de force in the luxury events industry.
Now including international events, Snapshot is considered to be the leading model staffing and talent agency.


  • Management take much longer time to create a proposal for a single event
  • The staff are double booked for events sometimes.
  • There were time consuming tasks like on boarding, information gathering.
  • Sourcing staff based on their skill was very difficult and time consuming.

Solutions recommended

  • Web solutions to automate staffing for events.
  • Eliminate double booking of the staff.
  • Automated staff onboarding process.
  • Auto assignment of the staff based on their skills and specification of client.



  • Reduced time consumption from 1 day to 5 minutes.
  • Eliminated double booking.
  • Instant presentation generation
  • Auto assignment process based on event requirements
  • New staff onboarding without taking staff time