Quality Assurance: Standardize and elevate customer experience

Software quality assurance (or SQA for short) is the ongoing process that ensures the software product meets and complies with the organisation’s established and standardised quality specifications. SQA is a set of activities that verifies that everyone involved with the project has correctly implemented all procedures and processes.

SQA works parallel to software development, an ongoing activity applied throughout the software development life cycle. Instead of making quality checks after completion, software quality assurance checks for quality issues in each development phase.

  • Helps Reduce costs and Save time. Errors are costly. If a company releases a flawed application, it must follow it up by releasing fixes, patches, and sometimes even complete upgrades. Having QA systems in place during your production life-cycle allows you to anticipate and prevent issues such as bugs, defects, and errors. By identifying problems in the initial stages, you can put fixes in place early, helping you save time and money that would otherwise have been spent on fixing those issues during the later stages of the product lifecycle. In addition, if any bugs or errors occur despite the QA processes implemented, they would likely be relatively minor and easy to fix.
  • Aids Product Security and Prevents breakdowns. Breakdowns cost money, are time-consuming, and deny customers access to the product or service. If there’s anything worse than a program with a few kinks and bugs, it’s an application that ultimately fails. Software programs may work perfectly well, but this doesn’t guarantee security. Any weaknesses or defects in a software’s security could seriously compromise a company’s data, which is a massive problem. The QA team installs safeguarding processes when the product is being developed to ensure that it is built as securely as possible before finally being tested by the QC team after product completion.
  • Boosts consumer confidence. You can spend so much time creating a good reputation, losing it overnight. Conversely, customers will flock to companies known for producing quality releases. High-quality software puts your company in a stronger, more dominant market position. It cuts maintenance costs. Get the release right the first time, and your company can forget about it and move on to the next big thing. Release a product with chronic issues, and your business bogs down in a costly, time-consuming, never-ending cycle of repairs.

Without QA, software development can be unreliable, resulting in unviable products being taken back to the drawing stage if their flaws are too widespread. Therefore, having sound, effective quality assurance processes and a strong “QA-driven philosophy” is a massive asset to any software company.

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