Motion Graphics 101

Motion Graphics 101

Motion graphics is a solid start if you’re unsure where to start with your video marketing. It’s infinitely appealing to young and old, you can create it anywhere, and it offers endless possibilities. That’s why we’re running through all the motion graphics you can choose from for your business.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short and digestible pieces of video content that tell viewers how your product works.

Explainer videos take a complex process or situation. Then, animation breaks down the process into manageable chunks that tell the complete picture. It is a way to help people emotionally connect with your brand because you can bring storytelling to the mix.

You will need an explainer video if you’re selling a product or service that is not immediately super simple. 

Instructional videos

Like your explainer video, an instructional video walks viewers through how to USE your product.

Using motion graphics for this kind of video is guaranteed to be eye-catching and full of personality.

User interface (UI) animation

Making your prototypes move is an excellent skill that can give you and your team clarity. If you’ve created an app or digital platform, it’s a smart idea to show it in action using motion graphics. This category can overlap with product marketing. You can create a whole motion graphic video with your product’s UI.

This way, what your audience sees will be what they get. In other words, if they start using your platform, they’ll already be familiar with it.


With your logo, you can play with how it’s composed to create an eye-catching animation. Motion graphics delight design, and in this case, logo design. Bringing that joy will reflect positivity for your brand. 


This is the same concept as your logo – look at your icons and see how you could manipulate them into motion. Motion graphics give life to what’s already there! 


Titles don’t have as much ‘oomph’ when they’re stock-still on the screen. Making them move will draw attention to them, highlighting their importance and improving your communication.

This is especially important if your motion graphics video doesn’t have a voiceover to help the communication.


Making your infographic MOVE will ensure your audience’s eyes stay on the right things. As a result, you’ll get the information across precisely how you want it to.

These motion graphics suit platforms like LinkedIn, where thought leadership prevails.


These motion graphics take visual elements of a presentation, such as bar charts, and create a movement to engage the audience.

As with infographics, if you animate the significant parts, you will likely get the viewer response you want!

Broadcast graphics

The lesser-talked-about of type of motion graphics is broadcast graphics. An example of these is the striking idents you might see in between footage of a football game.

Broadcast graphics appeal more visually to programmes where the scene rarely changes, such as a football pitch. An exciting motion graphic builds interest in the game as it progresses.


While many GIFs are live-action videos that have been turned INTO a GIF, others are made specifically to be GIFs.

GIF motion graphics are really handy for and influential on social media. What’s more, they don’t take long to make.

With industry competition at an all-time high, the need to stand out is crucial. Presenting your brand and its marketing strategy creatively to engage your target audience is key to capturing their attention.

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