Furious fox is excited to announce our collaboration with Cohora!

Cohora provides a unified engagement and customer rewards platform that allows brands to engage in meaningful conversation with their customers. 

Cohora offers its clients a way to build a personalised brand experience for their consumers and engage with them in a manner defined by their brand vision. Conventional social media platforms are limited in providing only traffic analysis of their pages. By creating a platform for the brand itself, they can collect meaningful insight into the success of current strategies implemented and plan future marketing campaigns.

Robust analytic features allow brands to monitor the better success of current strategies implemented and plan future marketing campaigns to achieve maximum impact on the correct audience.

Cohora’s native AI engine also allows the brand to measure users’ one-on-one interactions with the brand using advanced data insights such as emotional and sentiment analysis. 

Cohora’s dynamic UI allows brands to customise their platform to reflect the look and feel for which the brand is known. In addition, the web platform is scalable, thus allowing the brand to engage with all clients effectively.

The public API allows easy integration of the community platform, so brands can hit the ground running.